Maroon 5 – Sunday Morning – grooves

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Maroon 5 Sunday Morning CD cover

Maroon 5 Sunday Morning CD cover

Maroon 5 released their debut album “Songs About Jane” in June 2002. The first big single from the album was This Love, followed by She Will Be Loved. Sunday Morning was the third single release, but didn’t quite match the impact the first 2 singles made. However, the drumming on the whole album is fantastic, and I thought I’d give you a few examples of the grooves drummer Ryan Dusick played on Sunday Morning.

The whole song is played with a 16th note shuffle feel, so the 8th notes are all straight quavers, but the notes in between are shuffled. This gives a really cool, funky feel to the track.

I love the Breakdown section after Chorus 2 – a 7 bar section made up of 3 bars played twice, then a fill bar linking into the next next verse. The bass drum parts in bars 3 and 6 are very clever, and a bit awkward!

* NOTE: the beats notated here are taken from the album version of the song. As this song was played by real musicians, the actual grooves vary a lot from bar to bar, therefore they are only giving you a rough idea of what was played. Ryan Dusick also put a lot of ghost notes on the snare drum (and a few on the bass drum), not all of which are notated.

Here’s the whole song on YouTube:

And here’s a PDF of some of the drum grooves:

Maroon 5 – Sunday Morning – Grooves and Fills WEB

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