Happy Birthday Angel Dust

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I can still picture my copied cassette version, with hand labelled tape and handwritten track listing. Since then, I have bought it on cassette (twice!), CD, vinyl and MP3 download.

Faith-No-More-Angel-Dust23 years ago today, 8th June 1992, Faith No More released their 4th album Angel Dust. It still ranks as my favourite album of all time. It’s ugly, beautiful, bruised, beautiful, and in my opinion as perfect as an album can be. It was the soundtrack to my school days from age 15 to 18, and I still listen to it with alarming regularity. To me, the production and sound hasn’t aged at all. I listen back to other albums as old (or even much younger) than Angel Dust and many of them sound very dated and of their time. Somehow though Angel Dust has aged magnificently. Every time I listen to it, I spot something new I haven’t heard before – an extra sample, sound, bassline, etc. It’s almost like it matures with age. I don’t think they’ve made a better album since, although their new album Sol Invictus (the first FNM release in 17 years) is growing on me.

I find it interesting that whilst I am (obviously) a big fan of the album and the band, I have no great desire to perform their style of music. Particularly in the last 10 years I have stayed mainly in the realms of pop, blues, disco and soul. However this doesn’t diminish my love for listening to it.

Thanks to Mike Patton, Jim Martin, Bill Gould, Roddy Bottum and Mike Bordin for creating a masterpiece that changed my life.